Rothko Chapel (English)

Sjaron Minailo

A theatrical video clip in which the composition of Morton Feldman Rothko Chapel is extended to a theatrical work by associative images inspired by the work of painter Mark Rothko.

The intrinsic point of departure for the performance Rothko Chapel is the re-evaluation of the famous remark made by German philosopher Theodor Adorno in 1949: "To write poetry after Auschwitz is barbaric." With this proclamation the philosopher investigates the role and significance of aesthetics after the unmasking of the humanity by the horrific acts that took place during the war.


: Sjaron Minailo
Light: Maarten Warmerdam
Production: Studio Minailo/Feikes Huis
Photos: Saris & den Engelsman

30 minutes, without break, can be performed more than once a day
Size stage: ideal is 8mx8mx3m, minimum is 7mx6mx3m
Target group: adults and youngsters (16+)
Maximum spectators at a time: 40
Theme: Holocaust, Second World War, persecution of Jews, contemporary music, visual arts
Special details: no text, theatrical installation, can be shown on alternative locations as well. After talk is possible.

If you are interested in booking this performance, please contact Pol Eggermont for further and technical information, pricing and availibility: or call: +31 (0)20 - 423 58 26.