Moord & Doodslag, naar Macbeth (English)

Thomas Bijsterbosch

By Thomas Bijsterbosch

Thomas Bijsterbosch directs the performance Moord & Doodslag, naar Macbeth, a culinary rendition of Shakespeare's Macbeth. Joined by three young performers, Bijsterbosch employs the filleting knife to tear into one of Shakespeare's bloodiest plays. Viewing Lord Macbeth and his Lady as a present-day dictatorial married couple, he puts the pair 'on trial' after their reign has come to an end. 

A wide variety of domestic and exotic vegetables takes part in a reconstruction of the battles fought on behalf of Macbeth, spurred on by his spouse. The suffering and grief inflicted upon a spring onion or a regiment of carrots raises the question of how much violence can be justified in times of war. To what extent are the murderous wielders of power aware of their deeds? And will we succeed in persuading Macbeth, who appeals to forces such as 'fate' or 'the voices of witches', to admit his guilt or to show remorse?

An object theatre performance inspired by the classic play of Macbeth and everyday (TV) reality where the struggle for power inflicts casualties on a daily basis. Moord en Doodslag features a cast of animated vegetables and kitchen utensils with distinctly human traits as it culminates into the last meal enjoyed by Lady Macbeth and her husband.

Concept, directing: Thomas Bijsterbosch
Text: Thomas Bijsterbosch, after William Shakespeare as translated by Janine Brogt
Dramaturgy: Marijn van der Jagt
Assistant director: Ilon Lodewijks
Stage play: Niels Kuiters, Marjolein Roeleveld, Bas van Rijnsoever
Set and costumes design: Udo Thijssen
Lighting and technical design: Jeroen Duijvendak
Composition and photography: Wim Selles
Music: Wim Selles and Niels Kuiters
Production: Feikes Huis
Special thanks to: Louis Meisen, Hendrik Walther, Vredenburg Studios

Period: 2013/2014 and 2014/2015
Length: 65 minutes, no break
Size stage: minimum 8mx8mx4m
Target group: adults and youngsters (14+)
Max. spectators at a time: 250
Theme: dictatorships, Shakespeare, accessible version of Macbeth, object theatre with vegetables
Special details: humorous and meaningfull; a workshop and/or an after talk are possible

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