De Bomma's (English)

Nikè Moens & Vick Verachtert

By Nikè Moens en Vick Verachtert

This performance is about bomma's - the Flemish equivalent of grannies. It is about a bomma and a bomma, a kettle and a sideboard, a thermos jug and a fire, a washing-up bowl, a vacuum cleaner, and the newspaper. About a little dance and a tiny knife, onions and a knitting needle, a bit of washing-up liquid, a lot of coffee, and a whole lot of whipped cream.

In De Bomma's, you will encounter two little old ladies who love each other dearly, hate each other dearly, and live together in spite of it all. Players and producers Nikè Moens and Vick Verachtert deliver a performance that cuts deep, staged in a realistic setting packed full of odds and ends.

The residents and the lives they live are sketched using a careful selection of objects, furniture, and actions. We never get to see the two old ladies in their entirety; they are merely outlined, thus bringing a pair of 'personal' old ladies to life in each spectator's own mind. The two grannies go through their daily rituals time and time again. They both have their own tasks, and the whole affair is balanced. Together. Always.

Then, one day, one of the ladies passes away, and the balance is severely disrupted. How? Therein lies the big surprise of this performance. The remaining granny has to make do on her own as she tries to redress the balance. The message contained in De Bomma's is one of solace: there will always be another pot of coffee brewing eventually.

This non-spoken performance is loosely based on Toon Tellegen's novel Twee oude vrouwtjes (Two old ladies).

Concept, styling, and play: Nikè Moens, Vick Verachtert
Dramaturgy: Ruth Mariën
Director: Eva Binon
Stage design: Bram Soli
Light design: Olmo Claessens
Technician: Bram Soli, Olmo Claessens
Special thanks to: Wanda Eyckerman and Bart Kalkhoven
Production: Feikes Huis in cooperation with Compagnie Frieda and Scheld'apen, with the support of the Antwerp Municipal Authorities.
Photos: Saris & den Engelsman

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