Follies Fille (English)

Nina Boas

By Nina Boas

Nina Boas starts out by switching on the light and placing a sheet of paper on a drawing board caught on camera. Everything she draws is projected directly onto the white screen backdrop, as are her own life-sized hands, moving around cut-outs of figures such as buckets, watering pots, and windswept umbrellas.

A few moments later, Boas introduces a man and woman: performers Nathalie Smoor and Duraid Abbas Ghaieb. They find themselves in an enlarged dollhouse, where they are observed and manipulated from a distance by the landlady, Boas. Although the couple is stuck in a rut, they soon start to spiral out of control. While she keeps dreaming of tap dancing, he keeps dragging her back into the here and now. Inventive and bizarre scenes pass by in rapid succession, up to the point where intricate mirror play turns Boas into a component of her own drawing. Just when you think it can't get any more absurd, the performance changes into a Twenties revue characterised by the atmosphere of the Folies Bergère, in which the only exception consists of walking canes, bowler hats, and feather boas made of paper.

Concept, direction, and play: Nina Boas
Dramaturgy and guidance: Leen Braspenning
Choreography, dramaturgy: Lenneke Bisschop, Alfredo Frernandez
Play: Natalie Smoor, Duraid Abbas Ghaieb
Stage design: Udo Thijssen
Costumes: Emmelie Mijs
Music: Studio 17
Technical support: STEIM (Georgios Papadakis)
Production: Feikes Huis
Photos: Eddy Wenting

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