Schwarzwald FM (English)

Linde Schinkel

By Linde Schinkel

Puppetry and four compositions by Franz Schubert are the tools used by the young singer Linde Schinkel, supported by Karel Bredenhorst on cello, as they shatter the conventions of classical concert.

"Today's radio broadcast of Schwarzwald FM is dedicated to Schubert.” With this announcement the short performance starts, as if it were a radio broadcast. Hereafter the singer experiences an encounter with herself through Der Wanderer an der Mond, Geistertanz, Schwestergruss, and Erlkönig; compositions by Franz Schubert on the subject of desire, temptation, and coming of age. Accompanied by the beautiful sound of the cello, she wanders through her illusions and rambles through her delusions.

Linde Schinkel employs meticulously dosed puppetry for her interpretation of these compositions. Karel Bredenhorst uses his GoOze-station to multiply the sound of his cello at least four times. The youthful musical duo is capable of conveying a sense of humour while simultaneously rendering their cherished classical music accessible to a broad audience.

This brief concert of approximately fifteen minutes can be repeated several times per day/evening as part of a varied program of short works, as a supporting program to accompany concerts and is suitable for festivals. Schwarwald FM was directed by cellist and upcoming talent in musical theatre production Ilonka van den Bercken.

Concept, vocals, and puppetry: Linde Schinkel
Cello and GoOze station: Karel Bredenhorst
Director: Ilonka van den Bercken
Puppetry theatre coach: Jeroen van den Berg
Puppets: Jochen Lange
Costumes: Saskia Schoenmaker
Production: Feikes Huis
Photos: Eddy Wenting and Saris & den Engelsman

Performance period: 2015/2016 and 2016/2017

Interested in booking this performance? Contact Eliane Attinger for more info, prices and availibility: or call +31 (0)6 23 65 47 65.



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