Happy Hour (English)

Roos Hoogland & Eva Zwart

By Roos Hoogland and Eva Zwart

Screaming tyres on the road. Headlights. A deafening crash. Moments later, Henk wakes up. He doesn't have a clue as to where he is.

A pair of hostesses appear. They bid the man welcome to Happy Hour Brewery. They treat him to a home-brewed 'eau de vie'. Bittersweet and indigestible. From that moment on, memories impose on him like uninvited guests. He watches his whole life pass him by. The more he tries to ignore it, the tighter these events from his past cling to him.

Headlights, flashing lights, potatoes all over the place. The circle closes. A reporter states that a man has died in a traffic accident. A lorry full of potatoes has toppled over on the road to Oostknollendam.

Happy Hour is a combination of theatre, slapstick, and puppetry. Roos Hoogland and Eva Zwart perform as the hostesses of Happy Hour Brewery. They also play the puppets. The pivotal figure is Henk, a life-sized puppet. The scenes of his life are depicted by tiny puppets made of potatoes.

Thursday 22 December 2011, Ostadetheater Amsterdam

Concept and play: Eva Zwart and Roos Hoogland
Final editing and text: Theo Fransz
Stage design: Udo Thijssen
Puppets: Roos Hoogland
Lighting: Herman Peerdeman
Soundscape: Laurens Joensen
Puppetry coach: Jeroen van den Berg
Production: Feikes Huis
Photos: Saris & den Engelsman