Gruwel (English)

Gienke Deuten (English)


A heartening sight

As they opened the door on that cold winter's night, not a soul was expected and not a thing was in sight.”

Against the backdrop of an old Victorian mansion, a stately couple receive an unexpected visitor. Despite their efforts to ignore the doorbell, their secretive guest manages to slip inside, seemingly set on a permanent stay.

Theatre maker Gienke Deuten drew her inspiration for Gruwel from the works of American writer and illustrator Edward Gorey (1925 - 2000), a loner who became famous by his elegant taste for the atrocious. His witty tales portray sinister creatures, lonely figures clad in fur coats, empty spaces in oversized mansion, and downpours that never seem to end.

Gruwel is a show of consolation, subtlety, and sensational design, addressing the consequences of admitting the slumbering sense of unrest into one's life, and embracing it for what it is.


Concept and direction: Gienke Deuten
Play: Mijke Werkema, Job Raaijmakers en Johannes Bellinkx
Music: Dennis van Tilburg
Design: Liesje Knobel
Dramaturgy: Dorine Cremers

Costumes: Sanne Lips
Production and publicity: Feikes Huis