Tik Tak Slaap 2+ (English)

Sanne Zweije


Dolly can't sleep.

It's too dark.

Better call mommy.

Better call mommy.

We need another light.


Mommy is tired.

She's knackered...she's tickered...she's tockered...by sleepless little dolly.
Who do you think will fall asleep first: dolly or mommy?

In Tik Tak Slaap, an actress and a composer magically transform a chest of drawers into a house crammed with rooms and floors that never cease to amaze. Using a little doll, wonderful imagery, and quirky noises, they tell the tale of Pop the dolly, who is afraid of the dark, and Mother, who just can't seem to find a moment to herself. A sweet, funny, and surprisingly recognisable performance equally suited for the tiniest and the most ancient of audiences alike.


Concept: Sanne Zweije

Director: Sanne Zweije

Play: Lotte Vogel

Design: Andrea Dröes

Composition & live music/audio: Manna Horsting

Costumes: Joost van Wijmen

Co-production: Feikes Huis and Festival 2 Turven Hoog

If you are interested in booking this performance, please contact Saskia Postma at Bureau Vanaf 2 for further and technical information, pricing and availibility: saskia@vanaf2.nl or call: +31 (0)20 6366860.