The Revenge of the Raven - a funky fable

Meike van den Akker (English)

Meike van den Akker and Dirk-Peter Kölsch play a musical theatre performance featuring puppetry, inspired by de La Fontaine's fable The Fox and the Raven. At the Raven Laboratory, the fabled raven is subjected to the rigours of scientific precision: an ultimate attempt to demystify the raven's legendary reputation for vanity. The scientists, however, appear to operate by their own particular agenda... Will the sly fox meet its match in the vain raven this time?

The Revenge of the Raven addresses the vulnerability of vanity, and acceptance of who you are. A fable with a dark twist, and an animal fairytale full of human suffering.

The premiere of The Revenge of the Raven will take place during PopArts Festival 2016. 

After graduating from the Institute of the Arts (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten) in Arnhem, Meike van den Akker specialised in puppetry and object theatre. She joined Marlyn Coetsier to found the Tg. Winterberg theatre company. Over a ten-year period, they worked together to produce performances such as Hysteria, Ellis Island, and De Jazzbarones. Presently, Meike van den Akker employs the label De Witte Pomp to launch her own performances, and is featured by Oorkaan, among other collectives.

Throughout the music scene, Dirk-Peter Kölsch has earned a reputation of being a creative musician with a highly energetic stage personality. Although Kölsch feels most at home behind the drums, he also loves to experiment on instruments such as the harmonium and electronic music. In addition to concerts, he can be seen and heard in theatre shows, radio plays, and films. He has also collaborated with orchestras and musicians such as Holland Symfonia and Eric Vloeimans.

Play and puppets: Meike van den Akker
Music: Dirk-Peter Kölsch
Director: Eva Bauknecht
Design: Carmen Schabracq
Lighting: Maarten Verheggen

Photo: Monica Ragazzinni, concept & art direction: Lopezlab

Sexy fox loses from smart raven
"Meike van den Akker is a real puppeteer. In her hands the stuffed fox becomes a real one and a few feathers a real raven. She snorts and growls and scratches. She let’s the fox speak four languages to seduce the raven to drop the piece of cheese. The scene in which the fox shows his sex appeal to tempt the raven is hilarious.”
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