Popje, hou je muil (alle schoenen de deur uit) (English)

Servaes Nelissen (English)

Ferry met Meta at the sea lions in Artis Zoo. They rushed into marriage and set up their own store: Fermeta House of Shoes. Presently, the couple seem to have lost their spark. Ferry has become increasingly reserved, displaying a preference for withdrawing to the stockroom in and crushing shoeboxes. At the storefront, Meta is addressing the shoes in an attempt to keep their spirits up.

Fermeta House of Shoes is clearly in need of a fresh impetus. To this end, Ferry and Meta come up with the 'Crazy Cut-Rate Sale', in which all shoes need to go. Suddenly, they both start to feel as if this sale will pave the way towards a fresh new beginning.

Popje, hou je muil is a musical and erotic comedy brimming with absurdist, familiar, and burlesque scenes. Urgently needed joy in gloomy times! Ilse Warringa and Servaes Nelissen got in touch through their mutual shoe addictions. At 465 pairs, Ilse's collection is only slightly larger than that of Servaes (436). At a self-help meeting they attended, therapist Bert Archsupport suggested that they produce a performance on the subject.


Concept and play
: Servaes Nelissen en Ilse Warringa
Dramaturgy/director: Marijn van der Jagt
Production: Feikes Huis