Panama 2+ (Eglish)

Daniƫlle Wagenaar (English)

Panama is a visual and musical performance intended for children aged two and above. Two garbage men use an endless supply of plastic bottle caps, bags, and empty bottles to build a dazzling world of imagination. As if by magic, they manage to make flowers, trees, birds, and insects appear from thin air. Immersed in this colourful world, the garbage men assume the roles of Little Tiger and Little Bear as they set out to find the land of their dreams.

Relish wonderful encounters with a crow, a hedgehog, a fox and a hare, witness the discovery of a soft and comfy lounge suite, and forge friendships to last for a lifetime.

This performance pays homage to the imagination, demonstrating the ease and pleasure of journeying inside one's mind. All you need to do is to look at the world around you from a fresh perspective.

As a performance, Panama draws its inspiration from the award-winning children's novel The Trip to Panama by Janosch.


Director: Daniëlle Wagenaar
Music: Jolle Roelofs
Design & play: Niek van der Horst, Roos Hoogland, Lotte Rischen, Gerold Guthman
Production: Feikes Huis
Special thanks to: Chris van Veghel en Vis à Vis