Ultimate Cube

Firma DRAAK (English)

Since Friedrich Nietzsche's famous saying 'God is dead', man seems to have been thrown back on his lonely self again. A cold and frightening thought. We have to look for the meaning ourselves.
Meaning through science, as a new motive to live on? Does our incredible drive for technological progress come from there? Armed with the latest knowledge in physics, Firma DRAAK tries to gauge the universe, hunting for the ultimate truth. With the help of thought experiments from quantum mechanics and physics, Nick Bos and Mathieu Wijdeven try to understand it by embodying it, fighting it, playing it, imagining it, telling it and singing it. A visual story full of wonderful discoveries, fantasy of science and tilting perspectives.

Credits: Concept & Game: Nick Bos, Mathieu Wijdeven. Director: Lotte Bos & Annechien de Vocht. Text contributions & sound design: Tommy Ventevogel. Dramaturgy: Pol Eggermont. Technology & Lighting design: Jamie Barson. Decor: Reynoud van de Molen. Design: Vincent Blok. With thanks to: Hotel Modern, De Brakke Grond.